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Originally Posted by Chip Stevens View Post
I just purchased a Montana 650t. I have worked with mapsource in the past with a older serial port Garmins. Now I have to learn Basecamp which is new to me. I have a Mac with Mountain Lion and Windows 7 on it. Is there substantial advantages of one system over the other? I have read this forum up to page 374. I get the feeling with Windows I can do more but Apple might be easier to use. Which system would be best to start with. chip
You should plan to spend some time with BaseCamp. It is not a follow-on to MapSource so don't go into it thinking it should just work the same way. The workflow is much more intuitive once you've learned the basics of the application. There are big changes coming to BC on both OS's in v4.2. Oh, and I personally prefer the Mac version of BC over Windows.

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