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How do I tell if my bike has been lowered?

Hey everyone, I am an immensely proud new owner of an 06 950A and trying to figure some things out. I didn't think to ask the PO if the bike had been lowered or anything because frankly for the crazy low price he let it go for, and with only 1500 miles on it, I didn't care, lol. I am attaching a couple pics to see if you all can tell me if it's lowered and if it has a low seat on it. I'd go look at a 990 in a shop but there are none here, and I may have the only Adventure in the state! Anyway I'd appreciate any expert opinions. I suspect the lowering because on its sidestand it barely has enough lean angle to stay standing. I also bottom a lot and nail the skidplate regularly. That last part might just be getting used to a lower travel bike than all my previous bikes. I am getting ready to change fork seals today so maybe you could tell me what to look for in there? The PO got the bike from a dealer on Kauai and the owner of the shop rode it for a while before selling it, so I'm told. Eventually I'd like to swap to S suspension, but can't afford it right now, but I'd like to make sure I am getting as much travel as I can with the stock setup. Thanks in advance!

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