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Originally Posted by bigkuri View Post
I'm really not trolling, or trying to cause a heated whatever... But why do you need to use a bead-breaker? Just plonk the wheel down on some soft ground, put your heel on the bead-wall, and let your body weight do it all?

Or am I the only one that is 100kg (+)? Been doing this since a kid though, and never a bead not broken.... Getting the damned bastard things to seat and pop correctly is a different story..!

Sorry to hijack, just really curious as I see this all the time and have never understood.
I can do that with anything other the 4" rim on the back of the Adventure, generally not even that extreme, a quick lever under the edge of the rim and bang it is done, but I can't do it this rim due the safety bead. I could be to unco though :)

Getting it to seat is no problem, little soap and they will sometimes pop on at 20psi, mostly a little more.

I actually like changing the tyre, once the bead is broken comes off and goes on really easy.
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