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We're now Day 3 into the trip sitting in a hotel room just outside Geneva cooking spaghetti bolognaise in the room and drinking beers ...which means we scored the multiple entry business visa along with the Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan visas . We paid a premium for the Russian visa (240 each) but it was next day service as promised.

With our belongings fully packed and on a ship to oz it was time to say farewell to the UK.

We made a pit stop via Adam's house (inmate stamp) who's planning to join us for the first two weeks then peel off at some point to get back to the UK. Ashamedly he carried our red backpack because it was causing Patty to lean forward on the bike because of the luggage behind her. So early on in the trip we're still carrying quite a bit of extra stuff left over from moving out that we wanted to make the most o - things like spices, half-full shampoo bottles, pastas that sort of thing. As the trip goes on and that stuff gets used the bike will get progressively lighter and lighter.

Waiting at the ferry at Dover

Once we were off the ferry and adjusted to riding on the right had side of the road it was time to make some ground. The bike is only doing about 60mpg after dropping the front sprocket to a 15 tooth but the change is worth it for the pulling power.

We passed a couple of British cemeteries and felt quite bad for not stopping and paying our respects. We stopped at this one (Cabaret Rouge) and the number of graves was bewildering

ThiThere were many many more after that...

After making some reasonable progress it was time to find a camp spot, and we stumbled upon this cluster of woods. This was all our first time wild camping so when two blokes appeared we were a little jumpy...but after indicating we just wanted to stay a night they seemed ok. Adam made the comment they were probably casing a plant and equipment joint not too far away

Going camo...except the blue tent

With the threat of rain looming we made a quick brekky and broke camp

Two wheels is better than 8


We found a great little spot to wild camp again, away from the main road on flat ground with a little hut for tap water.

Patty had a funny feeling about it and really didn't want to stay there because it had a couple of weird things like this bracket for hanging up culled animals (?) but it was starting to get a little late so we decided to stay.

But then half way through setting up the tents we saw this, what looked like a bunch of sticks on top of a mound. It wasn't the sticks themselves because maybe they were arranged like that to dry, but it was where they were located, like, not out the back of the hut like a normal person but amongst all the trees in an out of the way place. Then we started to look around and saw some other weird things...then we legged it and got the hell out of there

So we camped here instead and when it rained Adam jigged up this neat little rig

800xc the beauty table

Roadside cafe

View of a valley in the Alps where we stopped for tea

Top of the alps before dropping down into Geneva

When we stopped in Geneva a guy came up to us and wanted to know if we needed any help and he suggested a couple of places. One of them was this place called Yvoire, a medieval town teeming with tourists but still pretty cool (by this point the DSLR had died so I was taking pics with the GPS)

We didn't cover a lot of miles today, actually we probably spent more time trying to find a hotel than actually getting here. We later found out it's a public holiday, not cause the french like taking it easy

Total spend in 3 days for 2 people over 600 miles - 170 euro (50 of that for tonights hotel). Review of gear needed to reduce size and weight.

Tomorrow we go to Mont Blanc
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