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Originally Posted by DesertSurfer View Post
It took me a long time to get my bike 1/2 way there as far as upgrades go... I always project my buys far in advance. Especially in the case of Safari Tanks, it's an investment... and exercise in marital diplomacy. But if you seek, you shall find (deals).

Call me an Adventure Fanatic but I feel every model year had a "special" limited edition.... when upgraded to it's maximum potential...

You may feel nothing for the Baja "Limited Edition" logo... but it is the Very Last production run of a cherished bike. The Baja LTD. is a release I believe could be run down to Mike's Sky Rancho, or to Puertocitos bone stock by an average adventure rider... And it would be a total blast on that type of trip out of the box!!! It's a tribute bike... In my eyes. And I'm happy for those who grabbed up the last of a great bike!

What ever you do to it, it will be PERFECT!
I'm glad you brought that up actually... A big reason why I pulled the trigger is because I too think this is the end of the 9X0... Same as why I bought a last year year production F650GSPD. The bike is finally almost perfect and they go and re-invent the wheel... Wtf? And I don't want an 1190, at all. I can see the sense in keeping the Baja graphics, but I'm a function over form guy and I just really dislike questions from the Starbuckers about a "special" edition bike... Your take on it is better. I cherish it because it's a big twin KTM... And I've lusted after this bike for a decade now... Makes me happy that someone thinks bringing a bike to its full potential is perfect! A vinyl skin will only preserve its Baja name though, :)

Deals you say? Safari tanks you say? Do tell in a PM... Cause this big twin is going all the way, whether my bank likes it or not. Even debt will not stop me. I made that mistake once and I kicked myself for years for not building it right. It IS a great bike off the showroom floor for 40/60 off road/on road. I need it to be 90/10 though and a long distance mile eating machine. Not a Beemer that gets there eventually, but a KTM that gets there before everyone else. :)
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