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....another oil thread...yippeee

anyway, been looking for a year round oil (for Nebraska, not California) as, while I dont mind (too much) forking out ridiculous amounts of money for Motorex, I hate the thought of leaving winter oil in for summer and vice versa. Today I discovered Maxima Ultra 4T 5W50. Problem solved! I can pay even more than Motorex and have it shipped to my door, or I can drive 400 mile round trip and pick it up in Denver if they special order it for me...for a whole dollar less a liter than the last price I paid for Motorex.

BTW, I am bent over and ready to be reamed by the oil-thread trolls who like to screw with the anal people like me who worry about these sorts of things (those guys that drain oil from their tractors to throw in their Katum and have had 77,000 trouble-free miles)

This year-round oil quest is all about my peace of mind (I do know that more engineering goes on in the advertising department of oil companies than in their labs).

Anyway, anyone used Maxima stuff, or this oil specifically? Anyone know a distributor closer to the Dead-Center?
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