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O.K. guys, here is my thoughts on the locul project.

Of course there is some envy on exploring new territory like locul did. Needs great courage, bravery and imagination I don't have. After having accomplished this titanic project, here comes a production bike in the "same" lines with the "housemade" project. So there is competition. Apart from the internal mental wondering, there is the moment of logical comparison of two products: the industrial and the household application of similar targets. The household product moves in more personal options like more suspension travel and ground clearance while the industrial should have a more thought through compact design. My question refers to the comparison of the final product of a cold blooded tester. What virtues each bike has and how do they unroll through everyday life with each of these two niche bikes...well obviously this cannot happen so I asked if locu has taken a test ride with the new breed.
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