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Been following all still Red Rock Rider.

But got really excited seeing your trip to Turaweep---me and my buddy Dingweeds where there April 16th.
Nice weather---headed to Fredonia and it all of a sudden got down in the 20's----stayed the old Grand Canyon Motel.

I think we got there on a different route than you took

This was just a small part of a 14 day ride of 2,500 miles on a huge loop.

That story is at the link below if your interested---this trip included an unwanted helicopter ride to the ER when a lady riding with us (LDF--Francine) hit her head severely on the "Old Mojave Road" in California------it's a good read---with pics of course. Her boyfriend (Dr. Rock) hit the emergency button on his spot tracker and here came the chopper.

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