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Originally Posted by Konflict Motorsports View Post
I am a independent dealer for TT products, specifically their suspension line. I was chosen by TT USA to be the only authorized service center in the US. I have helped educate the TT staff by holding a private suspension seminar at the Seattle location for their employees, therefore they can answer most questions you the consumers might have.
I can also answer any technical suspension questions you have as I am the only person in the US that has disassembled, inspected, and recorded their settings, piston design, port flows etc.
Originally Posted by Konflict Motorsports View Post
My pricing is in line with the suggested retail pricing online with the TT USA's website, plus shipping costs.
This is all good stuff! I hope anyone in Canada wishing to buy the Touratech shock makes sure and goes through you! That should send a very clear signal to the gouging Canadian distributor.

Thanks for that info.
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