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Originally Posted by phreakingeek View Post
Saw my first Kirk box in the wild today...

There I was, driving to work in the truck...with the repetitive swish of the windshield wipers going back and forth. The hypnotic sound of the rain creating a gentle hum in the background. As I crossed an intersection in a herd of sheet metal covered elephants I spot out of the corner of my eye, the lone Bavarian gazelle is crouched off to my right.

As I pass, I couldn't help but notice the muted glint of raw aluminum peeking out from behind the raingear suited rider. Low, it that the fabled Kirk trunk box I see? Can it be?

But alas, the herd passed by and I was left wanting. Craning my neck...slowing somewhat...I couldn't see the gazelle.

Then as I waited in a slow moving line of animals...the gazelle passed me on the right.

The top box looked more majestic in person than the online pictures can convey. Bravo Kirk, Bravo!
This what you saw? Looks even bigger in the pictures, actually!

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