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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
J.M., CA      We're building another batch of 30 pieces! Click here to order.
P.G., AZ
E.M., CA
S.N., WA
B.M., AR
Q.O., WA
J.T., CO
E.M., CA
B.C., LA
J.E., CA
D.B., MN
T.S., OH
R.D., NY
J.P., TX
J.S., CO
S.B., CA
N.S., FL
J.G., CA
L.C., ME
C.T., NY
V.C., United Kingdom
E.P., CO
. . .
. . .
. . .

That amounts to over 495 pieces.

The IICE Airs are built in 30+ piece quantities.
A batch may have fewer than 30 recipients, as some people ordered more than one piece.

I ordered 2 and am wondering how many more need to be sold before they are shipped... Please advise, as I'm wanting to use one of the 2 I bought for my Alaska trip coming up in 3 weeks...
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