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Originally Posted by fallingoff View Post
been ridding ktm's since earlly 80's

just as unreliable as the bmw's i've owned

both pretty good

my brakes still work on my servo braked bm when motor off/battery as well

i love the way people knock bikes without owning them

now about tractor harley's. lol

I've 40k miles on my '11 GSA. I put about that mileage on my former 950. Both bikes are wonderful but in different ways. I had a lot of issues with the 950 that I'm certain have been ironed out after all the years of improvement. The GSA is huge but very capable, just more road oriented, which is where most of us spend 85% of our time. The 950 was incredible off-road and pretty good on. I'm certain the 1190 will be incredible almost everywhere. Ride on.
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