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Originally Posted by 8trackmind View Post
Just so you know, we almost met once.
A while back I roll into the Bass Pro and I see this mangy Beemer with thift store luggage, lots of grime and an ADV sticker. It looked like it had lived "the good life"
As I ambled inside, I expected to see someone that looked like they would be on that bike. I figured I would say "Hi" to this person and hear an interesting story or two...but I was at a Bass Pro. Everyone there looks like they could have been on that bike.
As I walked outside, I noticed the mangy Beemer had departed.

Some time later, I see that same Beemer in this thread. I was right about one thing, there were some interesting story's.
yea, i thought before i got outta town we'd run into each other sooner or later

i'm hopeing to be at the saucer 2 mondays from now, come on by

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