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Originally Posted by Aanarchy
I have North American City Nav on my MT, got into a smallish town outside Dallas, couldn't get local street names to display. Do I have a "Settings" fail, or is it a limitation of City Nav?

Or have I failed to properly activate City Nav on the unit? The lines for the streets appeared, just no names.
You must be running a very recent firmware on your Montana.
Garmin has tweaked the firmware recently in favor of map drawing performance at the cost of some map detail, including street names.
I think this is referred to: fw4.7: "Improved map performance in densely-populated urban areas."
This was improved after complaints of mainly European users who suffered from huge map drawing times. European cities tend to be more compact and the larger ones often have separate buildings drawn (2D with shades, not 3D) in City Navigator maps instead of "building areas". After hard reset the drawing time was a few seconds, but this grew over some weeks into 1 minute or more. Navigation in these cities was sometimes not possibe without long map freeze times. Map drawing time is split into two parts: drawing the map and printing street names, each took half the time.
From 4.7 this bug is fixed; map drawing time doen't grow over time anymore and the street printing time is now much less than the map drawing time. Maybe Garmin searches the database now only for the names of the larger streets on the screen.

1) Do you see the street names when you zoom-in more and/or pan the map?
2) Did you enable the street names (map|menu|advanced|zoom levels)?
3) Is the text size small enough (map|menu|advanced|text size)?

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