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To Do List Next Week:

T-minus 6 days till flights home. So... This is more for me and my reference than anything really, but it's also a summary of things I think are fairly important to be done to make the bike perform for me. I am going to post the mods/changes I will be doing to the bike next week when I arrive back in Canada (barring any late packages or things stuck in customs). This won't be an engine-out tear down, but close. Gonna be a lot of work to do before I leave Calgary and take it on it's maiden shake down voyage to Washington/Oregon to visit some friends! It'll be a 4000km or so trip and I'm hoping for smooth sailing!

- Take it down to the frame (engine-in)
- Remove stock cans and plunk some FMF's I have on the shelf on (still 3-4 weeks wait on Wings... derp!)
- Cut down the rear mud flap a 1/4" on each side
- Canisterectomy and re-route breather hoses down to the frame
- SAS removal (might skip this till I get back as I would like to ride it with the SAS on first to see how it performs). If I do take it off I'll leave the pumps on to fool the EFI or make the resistor plugs with 22K's
- Drill out chain slider hole and secure with 6mm bolt and a nylock (Anyone have the right length I need?)
- Drill small holes in the bottom tail edge of the swingarm
- Pull front end off and replace triple trees with Emig's. Install Rev I dampener & fork skins.
- Euro headlight swap
- Install Lexan headlight protector (I like these way more than the metal mesh ones... Indestructible too!)
- Properly secure that GPS bracket with an extra bolt through the front brace & some 3M cushion tape (I get dizzy watching it buzz and jiggle around like that)
- HDB top clamp, hand guards/mirrors (the switches and wiring will wait for another time).
- Drop oil, change filters, clean screens, etc
- Install oil change hose extension
- Check air filter
- Drop engine coolant and replace with Engine Ice (I prefer ethanol based coolants for bikes and it's premix, easy!)
- Plumb fuel lines with quick disconnects
- Change plugs out to Iridiums and stow the stocks for spares
- Change horn out to a set of 136db Stebels (plug and play 12V, not the air horn type)
- Swap skid plate for Weld86 kit
- Mod the gear switch relay to disable computer in 2nd/3rd
- Re-locate sidestand with Weld86 bracket
- Swap rear sprocket for a 45T
- Spoon off the 908RR rear and put a TKC80 150/70/17
- Spoon off the 908RR front and replace with either a Michelin T63 or similar 90/90/21
- Fill HD tubes with Dyna Beads and remove rim weights
- Fill spare HD 21" tube with Dyna Beads (I only take one with me cause in a pinch you can use a 21" for either front/rear. Weight savings, lol!)
- Re-assemble and ride 100kms before packing up and leaving, lol!

Yes, I know it's a long list... But it's cause the bike is brand new! I'm going to work on the bike from the stock tool kit and add tools as I need them or see fit to have them. Right now, having only partially disassembled the bike so far, the only tools I KNOW I need are spoons and the kit tools, lol! Every bike is different and I always put together a proper road tool kit that will allow me to do everything I need to do. I can scavenge most everything from the kit I put together for the Dakar and just substitute specific things in. All of that should take me less than 2 days if I haul a$$, but probably will take 2 and a bit due to me being a KTM noob.

Windscreen options... I will ride with and without the stock screen to see what's better for me and I will also have a TF5 at my disposal to see how it works. I wear a brimmed XD4 now, but usually wear a Shoei Rf-1000 for longer trips to save my neck some pain in cross winds. I'll probably pack my street lid just in case I find some problems with buffeting or similar along the way.

I'll primarily be on slab for this little jaunt, but some dirt is involved. A few of the more major changes like suspension, etc are just going to have to wait until later in the year. If I spend too much time wrenching on the 990 I won't get any riding time in! The guys I'm linking up with (From Cali and Washington) ride chrome beasts.... But are probably already trying to sell them for a big twin dirt bike now, hahaha! We'll be headed to Seattle to crash another buddies house for the weekend of the 24-26th. Good times, good friends, bikes... Heck, who wouldn't enjoy it! I'll split from Seattle on the 27th and ride up to Vancouver Island to visit some friends and family there and then head home. I only only get 3 weeks of days off this time out before heading back to Albania... Hopefully for the last time for a few months! Then I can really have a break, lol!

Other things that are going to be done post shakedown ride are:

- SAS removal if not done already
- Possible TuneECU tweaks (O2 sensors, throttle, etc blah blah)
- Sourcing secondary fuel supply whether it is Safari's or RotopaX's or CJ's... I'm leaning towards the Safari's myself, but need to find out a crash bar solution first.
- 265mm suspender hike via Pro-Action or SPS or alike.
- Source a Pyndon pre-filter from AdventureSpec
- Call Woody. Order proper rims (Why would KTM put street fatties on a dirt bike?)
- Wire in a secondary fuse box under the seat
- Under-grip heated grips
- Possible handlebar swap
- Wire in switches and second 12V powerlet on HDB top clamp
- Put Wings on!!!
- Install white high fender and re-do the brake lines to prevent chafing on the fender.
- Possible G2 throttle tube cam if I can't sort the snatchiness at low RPM's/slow riding
- Oberon Clutch Slave and change oil with mineral oil

These will be over time and probably not happen till July/August as the project I'm on right now for work is taking a rather long time to finish. I thought it would be done by now, but still a projected 60-90 days left! Arg, good $$$, but I wanna ride!
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