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Day 7, 8 spent in PE had minimal content, excluding commuting into and out of PE business areas.
Tuesday The Whale spent all day at Martin Walkers place, getting fettled.
At 17.00 exactly (He is very serious abut time keeping) we were there at his gate, and got the bike back, he then fitted a small rubber grommet to the side of the engine casing which I gave him R50 for, so the bill below for work done actually totalled up to R300.00 which in English 's will be just a spot over 31.00
The bike felt smoother and the front brake was vastly improved from before.
In typical Martin style, the bill was scribbled on some random paper..... Perfect from a genius.

I have copied the entry I made at the time......
MINI, no really mini update.
Yesterday I spent half the day at Old Mutual and Standard Bank as well as signing documents for Sanlam ( there are all financial institutions for our foreign readers) as some of them are at times not very efficient.
Then we visited some of our aunts, did some grocery (well meat and booze) shopping for last nights awesome BBQ/Braai here at Jupiters place.
On Monday evening for the first time in my 36 years of riding, my back or kidneys forced me to pull over and take Turbo charged Paracetamol and some Ibuprofen about 70km from home.
So yesterday my brother who wears a kidney belt, insisted on buying me one as well, as we are only about 18% into this ride.
I hope that the guys who were here last night and took some pics, will post them up on here in this thread.
Last nights get together was awesome. Seeing old friends and meeting new.

Thanks to everybody who came around last night.
Deon and I really enjoyed meeting some of you guys face to face vs forum faces.
If any of you took pics, PLEASE DO POST IN MY RIDE REPORT THREAD as I cannot upload or post yet.
I also want to make a special mention to two guys who maxed out on feeding my mad habit of number plate collecting.
Schaun "Tiger8" and Craig "Knucklehead" both had me personalized WD GRIZZ and GRIZZ EC plates made up. I was again blown away by the generous nature of guys on this forum, but also South Africans in general.
Thank you also to BigDom for sending me his original GSPOT EC plate that he replaced with a smaller more sensibly sized one.
Thanks to Jupiters network, my bike spent about 4.5 hours under the hands of Airhead Guru Martin Walker yesterdayand now feels tighter and actually idles below 1000rpm.
Today is Wednesday 10th, raining nicely.
Got a few things to do and visits to slot in as well as more deliveries of bits n bobs for UK people sending stuff here. My panniers are getting emptier as I deliver stuff but filling as fast with trinkets, number plates and other touristy treasures I buy along the way for my wife, kids and others.
Tomorrow is an early start up to Elliot, via Queenstown on some less than perfect roads.

As well as the phots taken and posted on here by various members who came to Braai at Jupiters.
ONCE AGAIN.... A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO JUPITERS WHOLE FAMILY FOR PUTTING DEON AND I UP WHILE WE WERE IN PORT ELIZABETH. (We had no option, since he had sent me a PM in August 2012 to state that SA was NOT a Democracy, and that we would be staying with them)
Knucklhead's Entry
thanks to the host (Jupiter) for the venue and the lekka braai, was lekka to meet some new dogs and chat to some old. Attached a few pictures taken, some kay , some a little blurry..sorry...Grizz when u back in the UK i want a pic of the GRIZZ EC plate above the bar!!
1 - some short oke that came along with dozer and grizz in the background
2 - Jason, my laaitjie chilling with the ol man
3 - Grizz tuning the manne about the times he fell off his bike, i think the figure was five
4 - Watch out for the ceiling my china
5 - Crab havin a dop .. aggh i mean a coffee
6 - some of the talent at the pozzie
7 - Jason taking lessons on coals from Jup...4 second rule i believe
8 - Youngster chowing again
have a mooi ride lads..

Aaaaa, Mr Crab, whose sense of humour I loved.

One pic I took, Dozer getting on with what he does very well......

Seems to be a theme here....

And a pic that had me objecting.... From the left, my very long time great friend and buddy, Antoinette, always happy to sort out my shit in SA. Then Paulina, used to be Antoinettes "sister in law" being married to brothers, been a great friend for years, and one of my dad's fans. And lastly, Sonja, another long term friend, met her because of a F650 Funduro many years ago.

While in PE, I noticed, that like in many parts of the country, due to the rampant, indiscriminate crime, even the shopping malls have their own armed response and security companies active.
For the UK readers, the retro cars are/were all available long after European, American builds were discontinued, allowing more South Africans to become and stay mobile.

Again, for the UK readers, and our American brothers.....
Chevrolet Pickup truck..... Half ton (maybe payload is a bit more)
Not pretty, but one of many small pickups used in SA by small business and private people.
It would be the one I would buy if in SA.

We went to see my dad's second youngest sister, who has her own self contained home in the back of her daughters propperty.
She also has a family of about 7 Meerkarts that used to come onto the deck and eat her old Labrador's food, but since a newer stray dog had moved in, they had cleared off to the outside of the fence where the dog cannot get to them.
She still feeds them threats, including raw eggs that they love, and they know her voice. When we went onto the deck to see them, she called twice in her typically high pitched "Aunty voice" to her kids and they were all there expectantly, waiting for chunks of cheese and an egg.

It was interesting watching the group dynamics, one always on watch duty, while the others eat, and they do rotate the eating and watch duties.
Being as fast, nervous and spread out as they are, one cannot get a decent photo of the whole gang at once, note the gueards tail on the bottom right corner of the pic.

While we were out on Deon's bike we also popped around to my old house which is about a kilometer from Jupiters place.
Spoke to the new owner after he came to check up why I was taking a photo and promptly invited us in to take a look.
The house has been modified and updated. Some work is currently being done to create a huge Braai area, which I had planned a long time ago.
I had forgotten how huge my garage had been, and interestingly , the shelves, storage and steel cabinets I had fitted were all unchanged, and even had the stickers I had stuck on them before 2002 still on them.
The garden has gone through two major changes since I had it, and all the trees, except one Yellow wood tree were removed by a previous owner.

The next day we left early-ish for the next part of our trip.
Report of Day 9 later.
Almost weekend..... BRAAAAAAAIIII TIME !!!
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