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I thought it would fit in with the timing of the RR to add in some of the plates I was given as presents by Knucklhead, Tiger8 and BigDom for my garage.
Thanks a million guys, I was really blown away at the time by all the generosity of everyone, and still sit here grinning madly.
The plates have found their way, as many do, for various reasons to various places about my shged and garage.
The WD GRIZZ plate is on the Woodwork shed door...... Woodwork Department as well as WildDog Grizz
The GRIZZ EC plate is next to the new shelf with all the screw drivers, but specifically where I can enjoy it, and where it covers some of the knife blades hanging there.
And of course the GSPOT EC plate found its way to where people will note it.....

I have also received a load of traded and gifted plates from the USA while away,, and typically guys put a return address and possibly a real name, but never a note of forum name.
Anyway, I am sure they will ask at some point if I received their plates..... then I can say a formal thank you.
Right now is is 12.30 and I need to go lay some bricks.#

Later Dudes.
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