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Originally Posted by SkiBumBrian View Post
Is it water or oil, or both? Sounds like you got all your seals on the way. Removing the seals without scoring the surfaces can be tricky... There is a garage made puller shown on the procedure on MarkNet. I have only driven them out with no problems but you might want to check it out. Congrats on the rebuild!!
Looks like just oil. Will look into it!

Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
you were in the right side cover already so you know whats involved. the mechanical seal would be the leaker. I doubt it will fix itself but you never know... meeby a piece of crud in there somehow. I'd be tempted to drive it a few days & see. when they fail on the road rather than doing an immediate fix you just keep adding coolant.... been done more than a few times, some guys going thousands of miles
I've put about a 100 miles on it and have been watching the oil like a's still leaking at about the same rate with the right side of the lower frame and skid plate being sprayed pretty good. I was hoping it would work itself out, too, but no such luck! The parts are in at the Kawi I'll pick them up this weekend!
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