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Originally Posted by Ricky Rocket View Post
Still can't figure out why they can't make the Great Basin waterproof. I see the advantage of keeping gear in individual stuff sacks for convenience, but why not just make the whole durn bag waterproof? That way you can stuff all your crap in and not have to segregate it? Just asking..
Hi Ricky - We can make a fully seam sealed outer shell. In fact we did - and it would retail for about $2000!!! It's SUPER labor intensive to seal all the seams after the bag is sewn together. And there's no such thing as a "waterproof" zipper except for the really expensive and fragile ones used in SCUBA dry suits. The latest version of the Great Basin Saddlebag is HIGHLY water resistant, with far fewer needles holes stitched through the outer Bombshell. And it's so tough and stable that keeping gear dry inside is as easy as putting it in a plastic trash bag - or upgrading to GL's fitted Dry Pods. This makes the Great Basin Saddlebag even more affordable ($299 vs $329), modular and customizable than the previous versions. As far as "segregating" gear goes, it's far easier to pull out part of your kit (for example, your tools) if everything isn't simply piled into the outer shell, spilling out onto the ground when you unzip the shell. In general, packing bags inside of bags is the best way to pack - for motorcycling and just about any other form of travel. Try it - I think you'll like it! Cheers, Harold
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