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My wife and I picked up a new 1190 Adv (not R) in Cannes, Fr about ten days ago and are now in Podgorica, Montenegro. We've got a little over 2200K since leaving and have not experienced any heat problems. Now, we should say that it's been a tad chilly in the upper Balkan Peninsula with "some" rain so that needs to be considered... Also we are wearing Klim riding suits, but there really have been NO HEAT ISSUES even when we've been in stop and go traffic in some of the bigger towns. The bike tours beautifully.
We're up over 10,000km now and the bike is doing well. The original tires easily went 9500km, but we changed them in Istanbul before heading on to Bulgaria. The main issues we have with the bike are the side stand (too short) and the chain rubbing on the chain guard. The latter is easily, remedially, fixed with a liberal lubing of the chain, but with the full load of luggage the side stand does not adequately support the bike. We've been running in "Street mode" most of the time and the bike performs well there.
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