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hello, i've bought this thing too... im from indonesia
it cost me about IDR 1.900.00, which about ~US$ 200. its not that the dealer or the distributor sold it overpriced - its indonesian tax that makes it go to that price, so lets just leave it at that

its coming with 1 control software - navipath, and 4 gps navigation software ( yeah, you didnt miss read it, the distributor in china loaded 4 software in it), which is papago, igo8, igo, and navitel. Since i've been using navitel for a long time, i decided to bypass the navipath, and point it directly to navitel execution file ( in navitel folder, point it to navigator.exe, not navitel.exe. the latter one will bring you to initial configuration screen for navitel - its in russian before you configure it)

the seller load indonesian map for all 4 software for free, but i decided to bring my own map, which is quite easy ( just copy it over and load it from maps/atlas menu from inside the gps software)

well for an undergraduate student like me its a nice deal
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