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Originally Posted by moellear View Post
First off, thanks for doing this thread. You have obviously done the trip of a lifetime but to share it to the rest of us is very exceptional. Thanks Evan. I hope to be able to do something like this with my 30 year old Yamaha since I'm younger than my motorcycle, but was recently hired full-time in the real world

Speaking of work, I live & work full-time in Lima. Before working here I never heard of the pork rind factory but being employed at a civil engineering firm we're currently extending the city of Lima's waterline system out to Rudolf Foods and the Westminster area. You remember much about this small itty bitty town?! haha its a small world for me to find a report on someone who stopped in a small area in my neck of the woods..

Sadly the CEO of Rudolf Foods passed away just a few weeks ago. Is that him in the second picture centered in the picture sitting down with white hair?Here's the news out of Lima newspaper...

I just ate there last week!! Its a traditional community diner with great burgers. Glad you made the stop here in Ohio and I wish I could've met you. At the time of this trip I was still attending school in southern Ohio. You are a wise man for taking the trip of a lifetime. Thanks again for sharing. I usually don't respond to reports (just read them and ride-along) but yours sorta hits home for me. Ride safe Evan
Wow, yes, small world indeed. Thanks for reading along. Haven't met many people that know Lima exists.

Jim texted me and told me about his dad's passing. I understand he'd been battling sickness (parkinson's, I think?) for quite some time. I got to meet him and his wife and visit their house, out on the farm the article talks about, while on passing through on my trip. I rememeber he told me about a Leica camera he picked off a german soldier in WWII. LOL.

That's him seated in the photo with his son Jim standing on the right.

I'm sure i'll be back through, i'll have to look you up when I am!
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