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LDComfort at Bike Week

Originally Posted by z06 View Post
Went to 415 Main St today. Its a bar. Correct address?
Yes it is the correct address. All the venders were in the lot next to the bar. I was third vender down. Trouble is, no people went three booths down and stayed on the main drag through town. The music was VERY loud so this was the wrong location for me. There was no way to talk to my customers and explain the difference between what I make and the cheapie stuff from the cheapie stores. It was a long trip for the experience. Still, we headed up to Jacksonville for the Iron Butt Association event going on at the same time. It was good to hang with friends and customers that know me. I spent some time on the return trip at the fabric mills and traded some data from 14 years of making the LDComfort brand undergarments. I am going to change nothing as we still use the finest fabric made. Thanks for coming out to see me. Soooo sorry I missed you. Mario
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