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Originally Posted by trampaslake View Post
Hello all,

I just bought a Nuvi 40 and I'm a bit new to the whole GPS arena.

When I plug the Nuvi into the computer, I'm able to view the maps that came on the unit in Basecamp. When I unplug the unit, I'm no longer able to view the maps in Basecamp.

Is there a way to view those maps without the unit plugged into the computer?

(Interestingly enough, with a little searching, I've found the maps in a subfolder of Garmin Express saved on my computer taking up a whole 1.4 GB of space! I tried to install them using Garmin MapInstall but they still do not show up in Basecamp without the unit installed. Really aggravating if they're on my computer taking up that much space and I can't use them!)

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm using a Mac by the way.

BaseCamp is a mapping program. BaseCamp does not contain mapping information (i.e., other than a very high level base map set). You have two choices for providing detailed maps while using BaseCamp. (There are more than two options, but for simplicity, I do not want to cover that right now.)

Option 1: Purchase maps from Garmin, to use on your computer. Garmin's City Navigator North America (CNNA) DVD is a map set that you can load onto your desktop PC for use with BaseCamp. And depending on your GPS model, you can also load those CNNA maps onto the GPS. (I do not believe your Nuvi 40 is a model on which you can load those maps, but I could be wrong.)

Option 2: Connect your Nuvi to your computer while using BaseCamp. One of the useful features of BaseCamp is it's ability to read and use the maps loaded on the GPS unit. When I am traveling, I keep a copy of BaseCamp on a USB thumb drive. If I need to, I can use a hotel computer, insert the USB thumb drive, connect my Garmin Montana GPS, and use the map set installed on the GPS.

Downloading maps via Garmin Express does not allow you to use them unless you have purchased them. I have avoided using Garmin Express after it failed to properly install one of my lifetime CNNA map updates.

Another (free open-source) option for getting maps for use with BaseCamp on your PC would be Open Street Maps.
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