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"End of the road less traveled" for now. we had a freaky accident that has changed our plans dramatically. yesterday, when we were filling up at a gas station near Monroeville AL. the bike was was on "uneven" cement at the pumps , I turned my back to start the pump and the bike fell over, Jill was standing next to it and first tried to stop it and then tried to get out of the way, I turned in time to see it fall over. Jill stumbled and fell down, breaking her wrist. Once we got he bike back up iced her wrist and made a sling out of a pair of pants, we got back on the bike and drove into Monroeville to the Hospital. Jill had hoped they would be able to set it and cast it and we could contiue with our trip, but it wasn't to be. the wrist is broke in two places and will need surgery. the folks at the hospital were very helpful, even trying to help find us a rental car. After we got the prognosis, we decided the best action was to drive her to the Pensicola airport, about 100 miles away and put her on a plane so she can have surgery and recover at home. I then will ride back. and that is what we did. today I got a rental from the local Ford dealer, the owner Jim Sales was very helpful in getting the car and giving me the "short cut" route to the airport. Jill is in a splint and has pain meds, she was feeling "pretty good" when I dropped her at her terminal.
the Bike falling was my fault, I should have seen it coming, just didn't. I'm sure I will make it up to her somehow. she was adamant that we will continue our "vacation" one way or the other, probably not on the bike but we will do something else while she still has time off work.

I did a little patch work on the bike, a few things needed attention after it fell over. After I returned the rental and loaded the bike, I finally got on the road about 2:00pm. made a couple hundered miles before stopping for the night just out side Jackson MS.
Since my bride isn't here to enjoy the sights, I'll just get on the intersate and bomb my way home, will get an early start tomorrow, and just cruise, hope to make Abilene. will watch the weather, I know around San Antoino they have some nasty weather right now, hopefully it will stay south until I get through.

the following are probably the last pictures I'll post for this trip, unless there is something really cool and I actually take the picture. some are before the "fall" and some are after. it was a great ride while it lasted, just short of two weeks out of a planned 10 week trip. we both went with the idea that hopefully the "smaller incidents in life" like this one will hold off the really big ones. don't know if that is true, but that's what wer're going with.

Warning!!! if you're squeamish you may not want to look at the next pict.

after the hospital, to the local hotel and a "fine meal" delivered to the room.

duct tape can fix almost anything. should hold....

all the gear loaded, and ready to leave from the Ford dealer in Monroeville AL.

well folks that's it for this "Adventure", I should be home in a few days and we will plan our next one, hopefully with out hospital visits and plane rides home.
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