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Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
Does the Iphone do Next Turn too?
Check out the Google Maps app for iPhone- gives turn-by-turn directions and reads 'em into your earbuds.

I rode Tahoe a couple of weekends ago- slabbed it the whole way. The hill part was fun, but slab sucked- super hot and windy through Sac. A buddy tried to get me to ride from South Lake up along the lake and then down 80 to come back, but I didn't have the time- pity, I hear that's a great ride.

Another good ride is Skyline -> 9 -> Santa Cruz, and then 1 south -> Big Sur. Stay the night in Big Sur, then 1 south -> Cambria, 46 -> Paso Robles, then over to 25- we did 198, but Indian Valley Road out of Big Sandy looks even better (and less time on 101). Then 25 -> Hollister is a glorious ride! Careful, no gas for 70+ miles. Then we took the slab home 'cause it was 8 on a Sunday night when we rolled out of Hollister, but a great trip.

Report here:
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