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Originally Posted by Hop-Sing View Post
Yea I have connections even in here.
I get out June sixth. and then I am going out on the rails.
I will be up at Weed Ca. for a few days and then catch out on a North bound. Anybody want to come. Going to riding the steel giant , with lots of wheels. If you think I am full of it, tag along. my F.T.R.A. friends may or may not approve, so you will kinda be on your own, as I don't pull a ton of weight with them. But enough to keep you alive if you mind you P's and Q's and follow my lead.

Seems like FTRA members might not be the best company for a new rider. I am not going to knock your friends but they do have a reputation for being a little unfriendly to outsiders. Bet they have stories for days though!

Enjoy your trip on freedom.
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