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Originally Posted by DustyRags View Post
Check out the Google Maps app for iPhone- gives turn-by-turn directions and reads 'em into your earbuds.
I think most of the GPS can do that.
Next Turn is really nice to have. On a foggy day on Hwy1 with traffic on your ass for one thing.
I would really miss Next Turn if I didnít have it.
Maps, my Zumo 220 has a really good road map of North America on it. And I can also add specialized maps via a SD card to either unit.
I can route off road by an arrow pointing me in the direction I need to go to reach may target, with a mileage countdown.
I can find the closest gas station or place to eat from where I am at easily.
I can find roads to route to easily.
When I first bought my 450, I was really disappointed; I didnít understand how to use it. It took me a while to get proficient.
It was my second ride that I got an inkling on good this was.
I was coming up Hwy 33 from Coalinga. I knew the route but letís see what the GPS says

No traffic on 33, I did a search for communities as I was riding. New Idria popped up, yeah, I want to get on that road.
The Zumo gave me a route but where is it going. I looked at the Next Turn pages; itís going to the freeway. I donít want to do that.

I turned onto a side road and the Zumo gave me a new route, a really fun one that I didnít know about

I am a fan.
And likely prejudice. I really donít know haw well the Iphone works

If I was buying a new GPS, I probably would not buy a Zumo. A Montana most likely
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