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Some interesting stuff from practice 2.

Sam Michael explained that the call on when to pit doesn't come from anyone at the track. All data and video (including team-only cameras) are relayed to Woking, and it's the big brains (and computers) at Woking that do the math and decide when the cars should pit. I had no idea tha the team HQ had that much immediate influence on the running of the race.

Matchet had some fascinating speculation about why technical director James Allison is off the Lotus team. The guy's well respected and the team has obviously progressed under his watch. So why is he out? And why was Lotus' press release so curt? Matchett thinks it might be because Allison himself got fed up with how the team planned to spend its (relatively) small budget. So he quit in a disagreement over strategy.

Sure looks like Red Bull and Ferrari are the cream of Catalunya.

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