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Originally Posted by GS eh! View Post
My problem is not with the line hitting the HDB guards, anymore! It is now interfering with the Flexx Bars i installed.

The big chunk of fittings on the clutch line interfere with the bars.

Today i pulled the clutch line out and had a look. The line is a two piece affair, the actual line is threaded into a steel adapter that is threaded into the clutch cylinder. I took all of this apart and checked threads etc.

Both the clutch line end fitting and the steel adapter fitting are M10x1.0 pitch. It seems the stainless braided hose has an aluminum end fitting that seats in the bottom of the tapped hole on the steel adapter.

The hose is secured into the drilled and tapped end of the clutch housing with a nut, like an automotive style brake line. The aluminum end is meant to deform slightly when the nut is tightened to create a seal.

I checked the Brembo housing and it is the same set up. I know there is a copper washer to seal the adapter but I figured why not? so i installed the hose end into the housing and eliminated the steel adapter. It all works and it clears the handle bars.

Awesome right! well nothing is ever this simple, for me, anyway. The line is now a bit too short, mainly because i have tall risers installed.

The other issue that i see is there is now an aluminum on aluminum seal. This may never be a problem but, i think there is a reason for the steel adapter, mainly to insure a proper seal and minimize the reaction between the untreated aluminum surfaces.

I am going to machine a custom adapter to install into the clutch housing and it will be angled to allow the clutch line to clear the bars and the top clamps etc.

Wish me luck! if it works i will post some pictures,

Great description. Can you post some pics of how the line routes with your modification completed?

Would it be easy to machine a couple adapters?
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