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Originally Posted by trampaslake View Post
Hmm. So this is Garmin's way of keeping me from handing my unit to somebody and letting them download Garmin's maps onto their computer so they won't have to purchase them?
not really. I could be wrong but my take from using GPS' and Garmin's software for a lot of years now is that basecamp eliminates the routing problems that mapsource used to have simply because it uses whatever map you have in your unit.

For example, let's say you have city select installed in your computer and you create routes with it. Then you send your routes to your unit and you have city navigator on that. Your units maps, being different will have a hard time digesting the info.

basecamp working the way it does now eliminates those types of problems.

The workaround if you insist on having the maps on the PC is what Bill Murray posted in option 1.
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