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well i made it here at least

i bought a KLR (of course) from a chap named Errol from the wild dog forum,he was kind enough to pick me up from the airport ,i didnt really know where he lived ,turns out it is bethlehem ,so i have a holy start to this trip ,mind you it's bethlehem in south africa not the Jesus place, and the other thing is it was 250 km trip ,how is that for keen to unload his bike,na just joking Errol ,its just the hospitality over here, Errol has a workshop so i make myself at home for a week and his trusty KLR now looks like this

a few mods to the crash bars to suit the new safari tank

and just for good measure a view from the patio in my room at Erolls place

and not to mention there pet zebra down the paddock ,everyone here has a pet zebra by the way
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