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Originally Posted by BC61 View Post
Stage 2 of the 2012 Dakar measures 25 feet after editing. The tulips are not numbered. There are a total of "37" numbered pages. 8 liaison, 26 special and 3 liaison covering a total stage length of 782 kilometers/486 miles. Counting pages is not accurate for measuring chart length as there are approximately 4" gaps between the liaison pages and the special. I removed the stage summary/weigh-point notes and there has also been editing in the form of cutting/pasting course corrections that effect length.

Hi BC61 and many many thanks for the info...
I really appreciate it As I said for some reason these RB's are impossible to track unless someone has been there.... Anyways back to my calculator...

Indeed page number may be a little misleading but I always compensate on my calculations using a certain allowance (usually I add 2-3 meters to compensate). Therefore you say 37 pages (which in theory ibased on my own generated graphs is equal to approx 7.76 meters/ 25.4 feet or 32mm roll or 222 tulips - that is if we have no gaps at all). I can safely say that I have more than 160% allowance at the moment so we are on the right track (may be we are on the left, have to think about it ) as far as the transmission goes...

Back to the lab...
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