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I know this is an old thread but, I really like and have questions regarding your machine.
First off, love the Eldo! I also like the idea of a sidecar with it. Did you ever change out in favor of the Ural body? I am really curious about the 'convert' transmission and how it behaves with the sidecar?

The reason for all of the questions? There's a '77 convert with a terraplane sidecar attached near me. It has a leading-link frontend and all of the touring bags, including fairing on the Guzzi. However, my wife is disabled and can not mount the Terraplane body. I'm considering a Ural body change.
If you did change your bodies, how difficult was it to remount the Ural?

Have you found the 'Convert' transmission capable of any off-road (non paved) ability?
I really like the idea of the Ural motorcycle but, can't put my wife at risk by having a less than reliable powerplant/drivetrane. I have owned several Moto Guzzi's over the years and am comfortable with them. However, I have never owned a 'Convert' model so have no experience with them. Do you think a modest traction tire on the back of the Guzzi would be compatable with the 'Convert' transmission?

I'm hoping for answers to any of my questions, so if you have any first hand experience regarding ... Have at it!

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