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Day 7: Wickenburg, Arizona to Show Low, Arizona

Like I said, Scott had counseled me to take AZ 74 over to I-17, then down "around" the east side of Phoenix, then pick up US 60 thru Superior, Globe, the Salt River Canyon and eventually my State Park campground near Show Low, Arizona. Even though my outbound route thru Jerome and Prescott had been excellent, I had vague memories of the "Salt River Canyon" so I was looking forward to the day's ride.

Stopped at a gas station in "east" Phoenix; for some reason I thought it was worthy of a pic. Shortly after this I started to leave the metroplex (or whatever they call it). Kinda glad that New Mexico doesn't have anything like "Phoenix..."

Eastward from Phoenix thru the Salt River Canyon---Mighty Tasty!

US 60 is 4-lanes for a while leaving Phoenix; these are the mountains to the north:

US 60 headed ENE through Superior and Globe; stopped in Globe for lunch (I had not gotten the earliest start; Scott and I talked for a while over a cuppa at Starbucks).

Somewhere along this stretch there was a TUNNEL...don't see these much, so here's the classic "LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL"...

Nearing the Salt River Canyon the road developed a curve now and then...

While dropping into---and climbing out of---the Salt River Canyon, I was fortunate to have mostly clear road, so Milledue and I had an exciting time (which means no pics while riding). Lotsa packs of Harleys on the road; I take a dim view of these "rolling roadblocks" and felt lucky to be riding alone on a functional bike (no offense intended). And a QUIET bike...

Climbing out of the Salt River Canyon I snapped this pic...see the road I came down? Cool!

Just after I snapped that pic there was a "scenic view" pullout...I have no idea who the girl was...

Seemed like ol' Gustav Becker had a pretty full life---what more can one ask for?

BTW, I assume the "Golden Rule" cited on Gustav's plaque was "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You," not "He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules." Sorry...saw the second version on a sign on the wall of one of my bosses' offices many years ago, and never got it out of my head.

Another view of the Salt River Canyon,

And another feeble attempt at a self-portrait whilst at the Salt River Canyon...

Zoomed in for a closeup...yes, there IS water at the bottom!

Fool Hollow Lake State Recreation Area---I Know this Place!

The ride on NE to the Show Low area was very pleasant; Sunday afternoon traffic was minimal and it was a beautiful day. Pulled up to the "guard shack" at the State Recreation Area and they remembered me from a week before...very nice! But they still charged me $17 for camping one night...seems kinda steep to me, but it IS a pretty nice campground. Even has showers (which I didn't know earlier), but since Mrs. Greg isn't with me...who cares?!

I selected exactly the same campsite I had before, and rode out there. This time I had neighbors I walked over to say "howdy!" I always do that. Turns out they were Jack and Susan from the Tucson area...very nice folks!

They invited me over for a beer after I got ensconced...see, there's a good reason to introduce oneself! BTW, you'll never guess Jack's occupation; he owns a bookstore!

Here's a pic of my camp all set up; no rain fly, everything in its place (BTW, no apostrophe in "its" unless you mean "it is"). Grammar lesson for free.

No, I wasn't planning on a campfire, so I wasn't gonna burn down my tent. I almost never have a campfire. Lotta people love 'em. Different strokes...

Tried one last time to get a "sunset" all fairness there were no clouds, which makes it more difficult to get a "dramatic" sunset...

Another beautiful night for stars---the dry air at 6,300 feet really makes 'em pop out. In the "old days" I used to camp w/o a tent; just sleep in the open (weather permitting). You do see more stars that way, but the next morning it felt a little chilly even in the tent. Rolled over and checked my thermometer: 36 deg F! A full TEN DEGREES colder than a week earlier. Brrr! Glad I was in a tent.

So one more day to go. Thanks for reading.

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