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Is there a dedicated motorcycle camping area?

I don't want to camp next to Ma and Pa Kettle and the family camper like last year...

I live in Phoenix but I'm coming in from Puebla (near Mexico City) after visiting my sis. Just look for a "rode hard and put away wet" Buell Uly with a doofy guy with a yellow ADV sticker on the helmet...I've been pulled over 2 times by the Federales and they think it's some kind of law enforcement badge/sticker... Hey it got me out of paying 2 "mordidas" Of couse I still have a long way to go to get to the US and I'm trying to not pay any bribes this time...

It's going to be tough at the border, some A$$hole stole my license plate! I only have a paper copy I made before the trip. Note to self, next time use the paper copy in MX... Sorry I'm ramblin', not much sleep, I'm in one of those "no tell motels" outside of San Luis Potosi and the people next door have been "doing it" all night... I just want to knock on the door and tell the guy he's my hero!
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