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since putting in the new woodruff key, i have been running an open silencer with no packing. soundwise it doesnt seem to make much of a difference except that the idle is much louder now, at throttle it shrieks about the same as it used to, but the last two times i ran her she ran fine for several minutes and then died out, then wouldnt restart (sounded like too much gas in the cylinder) then i waited overnight and she started up second kick the next morning. the sound when i was trying to kick it and the fact that waiting several hours fixed it makes me think the cylinder was flooding, but ive never had a motor flood while running, not even sure if thats possible. for the record after unpacking silencer and new key she ran great for a few rides, and the last 2 times that i described she ran great for 3 minutes before stalling and refusing to start. has anyone here experienced this before? could it be a tuning issue caused by removing the packing ? im gonna go kick her over and see what happens, ill come back and update if anything is different this time
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