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TransHawk Oil Pump Drive Chain Diagnosis Now Complete

I'm a bit embarrassed to announce what the origin of the mystery bolt is that was responsible for the de-railment of the TransHawk oil pump drive chain.

During my original exploratory inspection and dis assembly of the primary drive mechanism I simply slid the clutch pack off of its shaft and set it to the side so as to not disturb the assembly sequence of its many parts with the outside face up. I never really examined it focusing on the crankcase area looking for clues to see where that screw may have come from.

Today I decided to change out the discs in the TransHawk clutch pack.

Upon picking it up for the first time to begin the dis assembly I flipped it over and exposed the origin of the mystery bolt.

In the Honda Manual they call this part of the clutch pack the clutch outer.

Also the Honda Manual and the Honda Microfiche shows no bolts like the TransHawk has. the manual shows only rivets in that location.

Honda must have had trouble like I did with the bolts in early models and changed to rivets after the TransHawk was built.

I took a look at the Transalp clutch in the manual and they are riveted as well, so no worries there.

The take away here is that when we are working on our clutches, look for bolts or rivets and be sure if you have bolts on the clutch outer make certian that they are correctly torqued with Locktite.

The torque plate on the TransHawk Clutch outer was damaged when the second of the three retaining bolts backed out and snagged the oil chain tweaking the torque plate and then shucking the oil pump drive chain pins and links off into the sump and ultimately de-railing the chain.

So I have been on the phone with my preferred Honda dealer to order a new clutch outer assy. w/ rivets $260.62 USD discounted from $358.98

I should have everything later next week.

Stay tuned..................

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