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Early on Day 10 we got up and packed our kit onto the bikes.

The Whale took a few stabs at the starter button to fire up, as her chokes had long since been removed, so Dozer and I would kneel next to her like suitors to ask her nicely to start up with our finger manually poking up the sides of her carbs, holding up the levers till she fired up.

We quietly left the hotel grounds and rode in the cold morning air,down the pass we had come up the night before, it did not take long before we hit a wet, cold mist on the Transkei roads we were on, still not fully light, I am not sure which was worse, the cold or fogged up visors..... the minute you opened the visor to see where you were headed, of course the cold made your eyes stream, and early morning bugs were a threat as well.

Again, the mad driving and absolute lack of fear of death, maiming and dismemberment of cars, minibus taxis and trucks continued to surprise me.

We rode to Maclear where we stopped to fill the bikes, buy a machine coffee and eat our packed breakfasts.

The local girls in the shop insisted on coming out and posing around the bikes with the cheekier of the two crawling onto the Whale before I could object, doing the whole Nicholas Cage on a Harley from Hell thing for her mate to photograph on a mobile phone.

They had also asked us to come inside and eat our breakfast at their tables, but we declined, mainly because we had already set it out.

This had to be my pic of the day.....

No wonder the driving standards are what they are.


Memories of the village where we grew up.... septic tanks and the weekly "Suckit Suzy" sessions before mains sewerage was installed.

Another sample of Wildest South Africa.....

Spares delivery, but the rifle actually belongs to the delivery driver, here being played with by one of the locals...... The driver carries it with him, in case he sees something worth shooting along the way.

We carried on for a long time as this was going to be a loooong day.

Thankfully we got stopped at a Police checkpoint, and the ol guy who "inspected" my bike was happy to take a photo once he had asked about the tank size on the whale and our destination.

At the stop, Dozer had said to me it was time for a smoke break, and that he would wait for me at the top of the hill when he found a place to pull over.

So when I caught up, he was smoking and relaxing, inspecting some water pipes etc by the road side.

Next thing we heard a typical, traditional Xhosa herdsman singing at a distance and saw him come walking with his flock.

Where we stopped was actually a livestock crossing, and the evidence as on the road surface where something had very recently been hit and bled out.

Anyway, the pics should tell the story.

Zoooom lenses what to do without them?

Note the fresh blood on the tarmac,

More in a bit.....

Some homework to deal with.
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