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After the sheep crossed the road we carried on for quite some distance, potholes in potholes, bendy roads and some nice sections too.

Loads of livestock including cows, horses, goats and sheep randomly walking on the motorway surfaces.

Fortunately for us, we grew up in the region and this was no surprise to us, so sensible riding was the key.

We had for some distance on the day and the day before noticed piles of scrap metal old vintage cars, cut up, bits of fencing wire, pipes, poles etc.....

Seems someone was buying up all the scrap that people could carry to the roadside.

I stopped at one of these piles, just to take a photo, and was amazed that there, looking at me was an emblem that read C/10
Could this be a divine sign ? As I am in the market for an early 1960's Chevy C10 Fleetside pickup truck.

It took about 60 seconds before the owner of the pile of metal was there, and we started negotiating.
In the end I bought the badge for R6.00 which is about 65p or under a Dollar.

I also tried to get the Velox badges off, but they were rusted on and I could see myself just breaking them without any propper tools.

Deon had carried on riding when I radio'd him to say I was stopping at the scrap, and while I was walking about, my mobile started to ring, answering it, it was Deon, warning me that about a kilometer further there was a copper with a radar device on an open piece of road trapping..... than goodness for mobile phones, as I would have been hitting the throttle hard to catch up once done with the photos.

The rest of the day went rather uneventfully and we stopped at Camperdown to take a look at house where our mum had died, where they had retired when dad took early retirement so that he could look after her.
The house was unchanged, except for much increased security.
The extra plot next door that my dad had turned into a very large garden was subdivided and now acted as a plant nursery.
A bit disappointing, but then we know now that everything changes and the rose tinted spectacles of youth do help.

We ended up getting to James "Dirty Boy's" place just after the main traffic rush, fortunately our route ran against the homeward bound Friday evening rush.

When we got to his place, he was just cleaning up his baby to go off to transport some youngsters in style.

Of course the dogs also came out to greet us, and who can resist such a welcome?

I managed to get the mattress in the lounge again.... Thanks to Dozers plea's and Goose's pre=emptive strike on my credibility as a silent sleeper.

After showering, and while James was out, I sat on Dozers bed and read, having one of the cats (the friendly one) make itself at home at my feet.

We ended up in bed by 23.00 as we were both knackered from the roads and long day riding.

At about 03.30 I woke with a big lump right behind my butt.... at first I thought I may have shat myself or had a prolapse, then gingerly peeling back my blanket, I discovered the Nasty cat who attacks for no reason, had actually crawled in under my blanket and made herself comfortable in my bed.

I tried some gentle stroking and was met by a neat, loud purrrrr....

Followed by a stretch that would be perfectly at home on LOLCATS and I can haz cheeseburger.

And another.

After this the two of us went back to sleep, as Deon and I had planned to do a 400+ km daytrip on the Saturday, back to our old school, and our parents homes.

More of the next day tomorrow.
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