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Originally Posted by duffs View Post
After giving my bike (and chain) a good cleaning I ran it in 1st gear on the centre stand to observe the chain (fingers far away) and noticed it hopping slightly in two spots. This isn't noticeable/audible under load when riding the bike, by the way...

I went through the chain link by link and discovered two fully fused links and one stiff link. No doubt due to a considerable number of miles on dusty/muddy trails/byways the grit has taken its toll on the chain but many others get far more mileage out of a chain with similar usage. The rest of the chain seems in very good condition and it has only gone out of spec (requiring tension adjustment) twice during this time.

I lubricate the chain with Castrol Racing Lube regularly and clean it when it starts to look rough (I'm not obsessive about it but certainly not neglectful), but can't help wondering if others have had this occur after so few miles?

Annoyed with upcoming 250 bill for a new chain/sprockets as I am about to undertake a 4,000+ mile journey and won't risk it with the current chain. I'm considering changing lubrication tactics with the new one and using a dry/teflon based lubricant to stop the dirt sticking...


I don't know where you get the 250 from, I just got a new chain set from a local non-BMW dealer and I paid ~150 (I do get som discount), but you can find a good chain in the UK (ukgser) for a lot less, and and the front sprocket from TT for ~20. Don't know what the rear sprocket will set you back.

But it's not 250, except if you decide to goto a BMW dealer.

You don't mention how old the bike is, but if it's brand new then I would start going to the dealer and have a small chat with them, as the chain should last at least 25.000km if you look after it.

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