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Geared up and got out of town at a reasonable time but not much hurry to only drive 120 miles to Uyuni. The drive was desolate. We snaked through the low mountains with little to look at….red rock, a few formations, and mostly dusty desert.

I was anxious to test some of my dynamite so we pulled off the road a bit and selected one of the hundreds of thousands of cacti to become a victim. Mashed up 2 sticks of the good stuff into a ball and dropped it into a bag of ANFO. Then prepped the fuse and blasting cap. I hiked up a little hill and cut a hole in the side of a 10’ tall cactus. These things are the consistency of the outer rind of a cantelope. I thought I could just a cut a hole and stuff the package inside but it took me a bit to get a nice cubby hole for my present. With that accomplished I lit the fuse and fled back to the bike all geared up and ready to get the hell out of dodge. The explosion shook the entire valley and made quick work of the 1,000+ lb cactus….dropped it like a sack of potatoes. A grin from ear to ear is plastered on my face for the next 50 miles. I love dynamite!!

An hour later we crested a final hill that revealed the solar of Uyuni. A couple photos and we dropped into town. Here early we were able to search out a reasonable place to stay. Hotel Avenida. Cheap place with bike parking. I don’t believe that any hostal or hotel in all of Uyuni has internet access. Rather unfortunate. Checked out town and grabbed some grub. Not much to see or do in the small dusty town of Uyuni. Tomorrow should be interesting on the solar.

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