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Still wrong. (

Still wrong. (

The ADV West subforum is usually slow on weekends and if you take a moment to think it through, it makes sense. Beyond that, why continue to post your misinformation and disapproval?

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
This is a very good thing. Good on ya for getting on board. I notice not many of the ADV crowd could give a Rat's Ass about this issue as NO ONE
has responded with support.

Remember guys ... when Lane Splitting goes away, you'll know who to blame!

In addition to safety issues I'm hoping you get time to bring up all the BENEFITS motorcycles bring to Bay Area commuters and society in general.

Many years ago Cal Trans and other agencies supported MC commuters, siting the below issues, confirming bikes were easy on the environment and would ease congestion. What happened?

In recent years these same agencies have PULLED BACK support for riders.
I would ASK WHY they are not 100% on board with us ... remind them of the issues I've sited below and ask why all they do is give LIP SERVICE. This is a no brainer ... a Win Win for everyone.

A few points to bring up:

1. Virtually negligible damage to the roadway from motorcycles.
2. Generally very low fuel use ... 45 to 65 MPG if you average out all bikes.
3. Modern bikes produce very low emissions. (Please don't mention vintage HD's! )
4. 4 bikes to ONE parking space.
5. Bikes reduce congestion on the Freeway and in The City
6. San Francisco has the highest number of motorcycle commuters in the nation. (this according to a study done by City Bike years ago)
7. Lane Splitting means EVERYONE gets to work sooner.

Good luck with the show. I hope they don't bo-guard your air time and you have the chance to say what needs to be said in this matter.

City Bike fought with Cal Trans, CHP and the City and County of SF for decades. (I am a former contributor to CB, when Brian Halton was publisher). They gave lots of Lip Service ... and it was City Bike that forced The City to install the hundreds of MC parking in the financial district ... which was mandated to be FREE. Not any more! WHY? Don't they want to
encourage people to RIDE TO WORK?

Good Luck!

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