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Again, this thread is about lane splitting, not your misinformation and disapproval.

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Back to Trolling again eh? Mods will get another notice about you.

Misinformation and disapproval? Are you not in support of the points I made about motorcycles, lane splitting and traffic? BTW, do you commute daily to San Francisco? Or anywhere? Uh huh.

Hey Einstein, why don't you go Troll on some other thread? You totally derailed Mario's Marin riders thread. You posted an absurd Video of a fucking Movie crew? What was that about genius? NO relevance to what we were talking about.

BTW, i've been on two of Mootuno's rides. Where were you? (not the Mendo rally)

I helped cover Lane Splitting, MC Parking and Safety for City Bike for about 20 years. Were you riding 20 year ago?

If you have something POSITIVE and smart to contribute here .... lets hear it. Otherwise, STFU!

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