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The only thing of note in lakeview was that about 1/4 mile from the hotel some bonehead completly crossed over the center line into my lane on a corner, but my bonehead detector was working and I had a feeling I should be moving toward the shoulder. He was looking down as if he had some sort of electronic messaging device in his lap...but that would never happen would it?

Anyway, a good night sleep, and 21deg temps the next morning and we were on our way again.

A little frost...

And Jack is already looking like a traveler

Now the real adventure begins. I'm out of my home territory. Headed for California.
Here I discovered a minor self inflicted GPS glitch. I loaded a bunch of different routes on the Garmin thinking I'd pick whichever road looked promising at the time. Well, you can have TOO Many routes on these baby's. Which I did. So California CR9 cuts across some mountains east from Hwy 395 and takes you over to CR1. Well CR11 does too, but not until the snow melts. I did NOT take this into account. But I had a lovely time lost in some California Mts for a few hours.
I went from this

To this

to this

And finally back out again

And now I found CR9, which was incredible. Its Northern California's version of Moki Dugway I think....but shhhh, dont tell anyone. Its a good secret to keep. I wish I had some decent pictures of it but I really didnt want to stop anywhere on the twisty parts. But look up CR9 on google. Its a twisty switchbacky little bastard. Very fun. Heres a few shots up there.

And back down to the flatland on CR1

Headed towards Surprise Valley.
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