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Leaving the beautiful South America

We got to our last destination in South America Ė Bogota. From here we shipped the bikes to Miami. I contacted Lynn Cargo (Veronica) to get some quotes, and Miami was the cheapest one: around $700 per bike, as opposed to about $2000 to have them shipped to other cities in the USA. And we figured we werenít going to mind a few more days on the beach.
The shipping process was easier than we were expecting. Veronica provided all the details for us, she was really helpful. We got to Bogota on Thursday, we went to the Lynn Cargo office on Friday, and while they processed all the paperwork, we bought our flight ticket online. We bought tickets to Fort Lauderdale, as it was almost $400 cheaper per person than to fly to Miami international (a bit over $300 as opposed to $700).
Once Veronica was done with the paperwork, she sent one of her employees with us to the Airport.

And over there we prepared the bikes to be shipped. We didnít leave any luggage on mine, as we thought it would be cheaper if it was lighter, and I could take my pannier in the plane, but it turned out they have a formula that takes into consideration volume and weight, and if it is under 500 kg, there is a way higher rate, so the shipping of my bike ended up being a bit more expensive that Vasileís, even though it was a lot lighter (Vasile left his panniers on, and we put as much as we could in them). But anyway, the price was very good, and Veronica gave us a discount too for shipping two bikes at a time ($1680 for the two bikes).
Hereís Vasile taking off the mirrors and the windshield.

As it was Friday, and police was busy they could not finish the inspections of our bikes. So we left the keys with the Lynn Cargo employee, he assured us we didnít need to be there the next day, unless we wanted to wait there a whole day for police to be available. So if we werenít needed there, we didnít insist. This way we could spend a nice day walking around Bogota.
On Sunday we flew to Fort Lauderdale. And this is the view from the plane.

Now I understand why it is so famous.
We asked a cab how much they would charge us to Miami and the answer was $75. To rent a car was $40 with tax and insurance included, so we opted for the car rental.
And here we are, in Miami Beach!

We waited a few days for Veronicaís confirmation of the bike shipment. She did warn us that it was peak season, and it would take a few days. No problem, we donít mind the beach and the pool at the hostel. In the meantime we met with some old friends from Romania, leaving in Palm Beach now, and had a great time.

Wednesday our bikes arrived and we went to pick them up. The process was even easier, we went to the Cargo company, they gave us a bunch of papers, went with them to the Customs, got a stamp on them, came back and picked up the bikes. Couldn't have been easier.
The next day, really happy and on our bikes again off we went to the Florida Keys. Amazing view from the bridge!

And then we decided to start the long journey back to Vancouver. We miss South America so much already, but we are excited to head home though. And we are having an incredibly hard time getting used the very civilized traffic here We canít believe we see lines of cars and empty shoulders
We did one stop in Daytona, now we are in Atlanta and hopefully tomorrow night in Nashville. More news to come.
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