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slipped in the mud- with pictures

Had my first motorcycle wreck yesterday. Luckily wasn't that bad and compared to some of the stories on here, hardly worth mentioning, but it definitely got the adrenaline pumping and it the first time I've ever had a bike go out from under me in 15 year of off and on motorcycling and dirt biking.

I was riding from kansas city down to a piece of land we own near Springfield MO and decided to get off the big highway, since after all I have a GS and interstates are BORING. I was shooting for some 2 lane state highways but didn't really have a route planned out and was just using the GPS to stay headed in the general direction I wanted so ended up on a dirt/gravel road. The first couple miles I was being super careful since I wasn't sure of the road conditions, but all I saw were the occasional pot holes that were easily spotted and swervable. Other than that the road was in pretty nice shape and seemed dry.

So I'm cruising along about 35 mph and at the crest of a small hill there's a muddy spot with a bit of a tire rut in it, not a deep rut but deep enough. I'm really not sure the precise reason I lost it, but I think the rut pulled the front wheel to the side and the bike started wobbling and I ended up loosing the front and going down. I hit pretty hard and slid on my belly/side on the mud and rocks.

Luckily I was able to get right up and the only injury was literally just a small scratch on the top of my right wrist. I was wearing leather boots, not track boots just good quality boots, jeans, inexpensive leather chaps, Fox Racing body armor, leather jacket and a (brand new) Nolan N85 helmet with some leather insulated winter gloves.

The gear certainly saved getting pretty scraped up and maybe even a busted collar bone. My leather jacket has a pretty deep gauge in it on the shoulder but I'm not even sore there. I guess the armor works pretty well. My face shield popped off, I got it back on but I need to get a new one. It's pretty scratched up.

Luckily the bike only sustained minor damage and I put another 200 miles on it before getting home this afternoon. The bars are a little bent and my throttle meiser is ripped halfway off, but the rest is mostly cosmetic. Broke the front turn signal, scratched my windshield, chipped and scratched my side case, scratched the pelican case and the grey piece by the fairing but that's about it. I was kind of questioning whether the pelican would stay put using the Touratech mount system and now I know - it's pretty damn solid. That thing dug into the mud at 35 mph and didn't budge. Pelican cases are awesome. The BMW side case took a pretty nasty hit and cracked, but it's usable and opens/closes OK still so I'll probably just leave it alone for now, they're too expensive to buy a new set just for cosmetic purposes. Now I have excuse to get some aluminum ones some day.

Next time I'll try and remember to PAY ATTENTION and remember that dirt roads have lots of unexpected issues that can come up QUICKLY. Also, my tires aren't really great for dirt, not that I blame the tires but they're pretty slick compared to something with real knobs that I've seen some people run on their GSs.

Here's some pics of me and the bike immediately post face-plane:
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