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Ok, sorry but the internet in Bolivia has been shit.
we woke up in La Paz headed out to ride the death road. first we had to get gas. Now, if you don't have a Bolivian license plate you have to pay about three times the local rate and sometimes they won't even sell you gas. this ends up at about six dollars a gallon. I don't like this. so we try a couple things. This didn't work...

the only thing that does sometimes work is saying the magic word, "pro-pee-na" which means "tip" in spanish. After paying the gringo rate at this place we set out toward the death road. The elevation climbs quickly as your bike chokes, struggling to get air. We got up over 15000 feet.

On the way out there it was freezing cold, raining, hailing, snowing, and I had to ride with my shield open because it was fogging up so bad. meanwhile the hail and rain was hitting me in the face and I couldn't see. I thought to myself, "yeah, this is why they call it the death road". as the day went by the fog lifted just enough for us to look over the edge and see what we had been missing.

On the way back we realized that we had ridden past some beautiful mountains, but had completely missed them due to the fog.

Of course I got my first flat on the death road.

We went back to our shitty hostel and drank some beers and played ping pong ready to leave the smog of La Paz behind and head toward Potosi for our long awaited dynamite. the next days ride to Oruro was boring. We found a cheap place to stay, had a few beers and some cheap food, and passed out early. Oruro was a fairly nice town lots of metal sculptures lining the street.

internet is kinda slow so I'm going to post this and try for another but uploading is taking as long as for-ev-er. (sandlot reference)

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