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F*&% you too Mother Nature

Again! It was friggen cold today! Cold?!?! FREEZING!!!
Here's a picture of me when I got to Dryden

Just kidding...That's not me, you can tell because the KLR has a Monoshock...other than that, the same

Thankfully, Dryden Rider was able to come by with a blow torch and unstick me from the bike.

In the previous post I said I don't mind the cold, yet now I'm complaining...the reason? Toes. I had 4 base layers of Merino on underneath my KLIM on my upper body, and 2 on my legs and I was completely and happily comfortable. But even with 2 pairs of thick socks on I could not for the life of me keep my toes warm. After approximately 60km my toes would be frozen and I would ride about 40km in complete pain until I got to a diner or gas station where I could thaw them out. Put the boots on, repeat. This is the reason I only made it to Dryden today instead of Kenora.
Here is an actual picture of the weather today. The camera doesn't do a good job of catching the snowflakes, but the OPP officer I was talking to today went as far to call it "white out" conditions... I think he was just being a big baby. I'm pretty sure every vehicle that passed me probably thought "holy crap! was that guy on a motorcycle?!??! he must be nucking futs!!!"

It was also windy out today which made driving a bit sketchy, but it kept the snow off the roads which kept them dry; so I wasn't too worried.

I was driving so fast today I traveled back in time!!!! WWWOOOOAAAAHHHH. NOT....

In the end, I enjoyed today. It's days like this that make the reward so much sweeter, and the sunny days so much sunnier. Without being able to experience crap like this, we'd have no idea how beautiful the good times can be.
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