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Appreciate all the support from everyone

So I'm at a point where I should start booking rooms. There's a few legs of the trip where we're stuck with short distances due to what we have the following day (places and things we'll want to have time to see along the way). For example, from Jackson, WY to Gardiner, MT it's only 152 miles, but the next stop after that is Red Lodge. Red Lodge is after Bear-tooth pass and there's no way I'm not going to allow ourselves enough time to stop along the way. Even with the short distances it looks like we'll have an extra 2 nights. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone as to a few places you think we might want to spend an extra night.

Google maps reached it's limit as t how many points I can have on this map so I've split it into sections. This map HERE will give you an idea as to the route again though.

(and for the record, we've done the 400+ mile days thing in the past and that's NOT what this or any of our trips are about. If we're hauling ass, it's for fun and NOT because we're in a hurry to get anywhere ).
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